Fantastic Fitness Kit for Winter Training

When it’s cold and wet outside, it is really hard to keep up your motivation high, so by having the right workout wear in winter is essential to keeping you motivated over  the next few colder months – and until the warmer weather of spring arrives.


Here is my list of top winter sportswear to add to your collection- they will keep you warm and dry and cheer up any workout!

1. Gloves – absolutely essential. Personally I have a thick/skiing style pair (love North Face, just bought a pair for £45 which made me shudder, but I know I’ll have warm fingers! Well that's until I lose them or my dog Buddy decides to chew them!! haha! Sealskinz and Gore also do good gloves, and I tend to use a pair of thinner ones for training (as your hands very quickly warm up) or mitts such as these: These are quite handy for when it’s a bit slippy/muddy or when you’re using weights.


2. Baselayers – you will find you are stripping layers off pretty quickly even in the depths of winter but base layers are Essential. Base layers keeps you dry you want base layers made out of fabrics such as wool blends, silk or synthetics such as polypropylene. Guys AVOID cotton because this absorbs sweat and holds it against your skin which will make you colder!!

A great website to buy these


Good brands are Helly Hanson Gore, UnderArmor. I buy lots of mine at Blacks or similar shops such as Ellis Brigham, Snow and Rock also have a great selection.

3. Fleece headband – loads to choose from on Amazon, or any sports store. Running shops such as Sweatshop all stock these. Or a little hat of some sort. I personally love the headbands as they’re better for exercising in. You will see me in my bobble hat within a couple of weeks however!!

4. Puffa – again, North Face are great. Their jackets are fantastic too. It is quite a big investment cost-wise but I would strongly suggest investing in a good downs jacket/waterproof coat. You’ll be able to wear it for years to come. For good deals check out Sport Pursuit:

5. Good quality shoes/trails - check this site out for some good deals on trainers and training kit. You’ll need trainers with a decent tread, or even trail shoes if muddy. There are some great trail shoes on this site – I quite like the Asics trails personally, or Salomon.

6. Good socks – Nike Dri Fit, Hilly...loads to choose from e.g.'s-running-socks-~-su14/ I think my favourite socks are Bamboo - They are very snug and last a long time.


7. Full length leggings, fleece lined are nice! You’ll all get hot in these, but if you like to be toasty throughout....Sweaty Betty and Nike do fleece lined leggings.


I hope you find my list of winter workout kit helpful.


Bring on the cold and the snowy weather, all you need to do is kit yourself out with these essential pieces of workout gear, and no bad weather will stop you training!


Amy x

Amy Knipe