Ramp up your fitness for your Summer Holiday

A lot of us get that sudden scare when we realise how close our summer holidays are and how quickly we’re going to need to get into a bathing suit. By creating a quick and effective fitness routine with a personal trainer there’s a chance you’ll get the shape that you will want to show off.


Having a personal trainer in Clapham Common at your side during your workout will ensure that you only work the areas you need to. Say you’re happy with your arms and legs but want to work on your abs as you have a killer bikini you want to show off, we will craft an effective fitness workout to ensure you get the results you desire. It might be that you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking and swimming on holiday and you just want to get fitter. Regardless of your ultimate goals a personal trainer will craft the perfect fitness routine for you.


There’s no such thing as being too late to exercise and get that program to yield results. A personal trainer is your partner in crime when it comes to helping you achieve the summer body you want. If you need motivation we’re here to shout you on and ensure you reach your goals. If you need variety then we’re here to shake up your routines and ensure you never get bored. And if you want results then we’re here to ensure you get them.

Choose a personal trainer in Clapham Common, choose me  Amy Knipe, no matter how far away your summer holiday is, I promise to get you body confident.