How to stay Motivated to Exercise

My tips for getting motivated and staying motivated to exercise.

Goal setting

My advice would be to have two goals. A long-term goal which could be something you wish to achieve across the next eight to 12 months, this could be a half marathon, or losing a dress size or two. And a short-term goal which is what you wish to achieve in the next several weeks or even a few months, whether this is reaching the 5k mark comfortably, or fitting into the jeans that felt tight a few months ago.

Reward yourself

If you are seeing results and working hard at improving your overall health and fitness lifestyle, you should reward yourself with a little treat.

By making sure you give yourself a treat every now and again, and are not depriving yourself entirely of the things that you enjoy. Everything is fine in moderation, so if you have worked hard training all week, reward yourself with a treat that you enjoy. I also find that if you reach a specific goal, it is important that you reward yourself whether it be by going to your favourite restaurant or buying yourself that dress you’ve had your eye on.

 Make your new habit of exercise easy to stick to

My tip would be if you’re planning on exercising early in the morning, put your phone away from your bed so you can’t press snooze without getting out of bed – or disable the snooze option completely. Pack your training kit to go into work with you, if you’re planning to train after work. That way you can do your workout straight from work instead of coming home first.  

Prioritize your workouts

Make time for fitness no matter how busy your life is. You should schedule fitness into your life like a meeting. Put it in your diary, and I make a pact with yourself not to move it, schedule things around your workouts not the other way round.

Buy some new workout clothes

When you look good you feel good, wearing flattering, stylish training kit will inspire you to work out. Whether it’s buying a new pair of leggings, a new pair of trainers, or just a vest top. If you associate exercise with ugly old grey jogging bottoms and a scruffy old T-shirt, you are never going to associate it with anything positive. If you like your workout clothes as much as the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe you will want to go out and show it off, I know I do I live in my sportswear!

Mix it up

Motivation is the result of having an interest in what you are doing, so if you have been doing the same exercise routine and you notice your motivation slipping, all you have to do is mix it up! By changing your routine can make a big difference in your enthusiasm, a little change can go a long way.  

Turn your commute into a workout

Why don’t you try running or cycling into work? It will probably be quicker and it will save you money on transportation but the best thing is that you have already accomplished something before even getting into work. So if you can incorporate a workout into your commute, then you don't have to try to find time later, which means you will have more time to spend with your friends and family. Result!


It’s really hard work getting fit, but just remember it’s the hard work that makes it so great. Nothing worth fighting for is easy.

Good Luck and give these tips a try

Amy xx

Amy Knipe