How To Keep The Weight Off After Losing It

We often focus on how to lose weight that we don't know what to do when we eventually lose the weight. Asthey say, the only way when you are at the top is down, butit doesn't have to be that way… 

You can work your way to the top and stay therepermanently, happy fit and healthy. 

In this post, I'll be sharing with you some tips to help you maintain your weight after you have successfully reached your target weight loss goal. From my experience as a personal trainer and scientific research, the best results of maintaining a healthy weight is a combination of diet and exercise.  

Exercise- Consistency is the key 

After a successfully losing your weight, you still need to stay in the habit of exercising regularly otherwise the weight will creep back on. Find an exercise that you actually enjoy so maintaining your weight is fun. Sign up to some personal training sessions so a fitness expert can give you lots of advice and tips to staying fit and healthy they can also push you harder than you would by yourself and keep you motivated.

You want to aim to be doing at least 3 training sessions a week, doing a mixture of aerobic training and strength/ resistance training using weights. 

Then at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, whether that be walking the dog or gardening or playing with the children, be active as much as you can. Some examples, take stairs instead of the lift, get off the bus a stop early, park your car around the block or further away in the car park so you have to walk longer. 

Keep to a healthy diet

Keep a balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating “too many” fatty and oily foods as they may contribute immensely to your weight and jeopardize your effort to maintain propershape. I believe eating everything in moderation, don’t cut out any food groups. Stay away from processed foods and definitely junk food!! If you can cook as much as you can because you know exactly what goes into your meals. There is so many healthy food recipe books and ideas that you can find online these days all you have to do is go online and google to get some new recipes. It is also advisable that you take a lot of water as it helps to distribute metabolites within your body and also remove metabolic waste. Plus limit your alcohol intake, it’s just empty calories.

Keep constant checks on your weight

It's a loteasier to lose weight than to keep and maintain your ideal weight. Most people forget what it's like to be over-weight once they get back in shape and when they have hit their target weight. People lose track of time,andjust before they realise, they are back to how things were, struggling to lose weight again. So it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your weight and make sure it doesn’t creep back on, so maybe a good idea to get on the scales every couple of weeks and record your weight to keep on track. 


Eat breakfast

The breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for more than you know. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast and give yourself energy to start your day and start your day right. 

Eating breakfast has so many benefits, it has been proven to improve your concentration, give you energy, help with weight loss and boost your metabolism. 

People who skip breakfast often replace it with several snacks before lunch, so my advice would be don’t skip breakfast. 


Always keep in mind the importance of your health over everything else. Be disciplined and focused on maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle, eating fresh healthy foods and exercisingregularly. Try and avoid things that will distract you from sticking to your fitness and healthy eating plan. 

I hope this post has some helpful tips to help you maintain your weight after losing it. 

Good Luck and remember, exercising regularly and healthy eating is the best way to maintaining a healthy weight. 

Amy x