Are You Bored Of Your Exercise Routine?

Sticking to the same training routine for weeks or months on end will result in boredom and failure to meet your fitness and weight loss goals.

These are my Top Tips to Spice your Training Routine Up

  • Find something you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy doing exercise you won’t stick at it, so do something fun that will make you want to do it again and again


  • Boost the intensity of your workouts. For example if you walk or run, try incorporating some interval training into your workouts, a mix between jogging or sprinting or you could add some hills into your running route. This provides your body with a new challenge making you fitter and avoiding a training plateau.


  • Try something new- Whether this be doing a new exercise class that you haven’t done before or joining a sports team or a running club.


  • Train with a friend or a partner. By doing this it adds a social element to your exercise routine making fitness fun plus they hold you accountable if you miss a session, therefore you are less likely to skip a workout! Plus if you have similar goals you can push and motivate each other. 


  • Add variety to your workouts. This will stop your body hitting a plateau, and will also keep your training fresh and exciting. It could mean mixing your training up doing a different activity swimming instead of running or doing the same activity at a different speed or resistance.


  • Change of scenery- If you exercise inside in a gym, maybe it’s time take your workouts outside in the fresh air. Training outside is so much more interesting  there’s more to see and it leaves you feeling great! Research has shown there is a greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity. Plus it’s a great way to save some money


  • Hire a Personal Trainer. Hire me your personal trainer in Clapham. I will do everything in my power to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. I will keep you motivated and I will design you a bespoke training plan that is both challenging and enjoyable I will hold you accountable and keep you on the ball I will get you results! Contact me for more details and to book in a training session.


So try some of my top tips to keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Push yourself to new levels, try something different to avoid training plateaus and keep your training routine fresh and exciting, keeping you enthusiastic and excited about your workouts. This will not only keep you physically challenged but also mentally stimulated as well. If you need any more help or advice contact me to set up a Personal Training session on Clapham Common. 

Good Luck

Amy Knipe- Personal Trainer on  Clapham Common