Exercising when Life is Busy - How to Optimise Your Workout

If you are a business professional or a new parent, life can often get in the way of your exercise routine. Working with a dedicated personal trainer and committing to your fitness can be an excellent way that you can make sure you set aside the time to work out. Many of my clients in Clapham are not able to go to the gym every day and for these individuals an efficient workout can really help.

The truth is you can optimize your workouts so that they can fit into your schedule and remain extremely effective. If you're currently taking around an hour and a half to two hours at the gym definitely possible to adjust your routine so that you can have a better chance at fitting exercise into your day-to-day schedule. Here are some of the top tips I provide to my clients in Clapham common for improving the efficiency of their workout:

Head to the gym early: If you find that the gym is regularly busy after work or at the regular times you are going, you should strongly consider trying to go when there are less people around. Waiting on equipment can really slow down your workout. When you can have free range of equipment or a routine that only requires space in your home, you won’t have to wait unnecessarily. 

Try warming up with a dynamic warmup: stretching is important but the most efficient way that you can keep your heart rate up through your entire workout is with an exercise that heats up the body and gets you pumped up. Loosen up first, do some light cardio and get into dynamic stretches to really get your body ready to work out.

Try exercises that multitask: By working with a personal trainer you can identify a number of multitasking exercises that can help you work out multiple muscles. There are some excellent squats and get with exercises that can utilize many different muscle groups and keep your body working hard through your workout.

Don’t over rest: Using an application like interval timers for HIIT is important to making sure you are using your time effectively. Many people get distracted at the gym watching TV’s checking on work emails or setting up their music, staying focused on your workout and timing in between each exercise with a set interval will help you get out faster.

Push up the intensity of your cardio: rather than jogging for an extended period of time consider the idea of sprinting in sets instead. This follows the same rough path as high intensity interval training but with cardio. You can burn much more fat with this intensity and accomplish more with just a few short recovery periods between your sprints. 10 sets of 30 to 60 second sprints commonly burns more fat than a long jog.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you are attempting to optimize your workout whether it is in the gym or outside on Clapham Common. Remember that you can utilize these principles even outside of the gym with your own cardio, resistance band training and more. If you would like to learn more about getting a better workout and accomplishing your fitness goals contact me today for personal training in Clapham and we get work on your body and fitness goals together.


Amy xx