Losing Weight Over Christmas in Clapham

With the Christmas coming up, it’s obvious that most of us lose our discipline. We’re always caught between looking fantastic in all the family festive photos, or adding a few pounds on from all the deals in chocolate shops up and down the UK. Clapham is home to plenty of temptation, though, and that means that many of us manage to really lose sight of our discipline when the festive fun starts!

Sound familiar? I bet it does. If you are looking to avoid weight gain in the winter months, then, let’s take a look at some good ideas for keeping that festive flubber off:

·         Avoid Chocolate Aisles. When out and about at Christmas doing your shopping, avoid all the big supermarket chocolate aisles and independent stores in Clapham. If you do go in, make sure you are buying for other people! The more deals you see, the more tempting it becomes to “stock up for Christmas and New Year” right?

·         Stay Active. I know the roads are icy and the weather is too cold for anything other than hot chocolate and TV, but you need to try and stay active. If you find yourself chittering away, don’t go get another layer on; do a quick workout. Even just some basic cardio – even running on the spot! – is enough to get the blood pumping and keep yourself in high spirits.

·         Drink Water. An easy way to keep yourself off the festive treats and the fattening foods is to drink more water. You’ll likely find it hard as most prefer to go for hotter drinks in winter, but believe me when I say what a difference drinking more water can make. I recommend this all-year round, but water can keep us healthy and also help us feel fuller so we eat less food.

·         Be Prepared. One of the main reasons I find my clients eat during the winter months is down to stress. Work always becomes more hectic as Christmas approaches, as does the need to get out and buy presents. It can all get a bit much and lead to us buying a few ‘blues brownies’ to help us eat ourselves out of the stress. Don’t do that; get ahead of the game. Start shopping for Christmas goodies in the late autumn and you can have a few weeks of stress-free shopping.

I know it’s hard to cut out the habit of the festive season, So if you cannot find time to do a training session with me before Christmas, let’s make sure your New Year’s Resolution is to get fit and have fun with me in Clapham in 2018

Merry Christmas and Let's look forward to getting you Super Fit in 2018

Best Wishes