Why Staying Fit this Christmas Matters

So, with the winter period just starting I know that you’ll be in two different frames of mind. Some of us see the winter coming and see it as snuggle-time; big, fluffy jumpers and nights in front of the TV with a box of whatever takes our fancy. Others, though, see it as that time of year; where your chocolate count triples and your waist size stops decreasing.

It leaves you both wanting to lose weight to look great in those Christmas snaps, and to enjoy the winter festivities in all of their glory. Well, I want to try and help you overcome that dilemma by suggesting that this year you should leave aside a little extra not for Santa, but for your self-esteem!

Christmas is a very expensive time of year. Buying presents for family soon extends into friends, friends of friends, partners of friends etc. etc.

Now, I know – I’m already having to make a lot of concessions on the old Christmas cash count this year. I’m having to avoid all of those nights out to the Christmas markets, to take advantage of all of those festive treats that are going on and to stop getting involved in quite so many nights out and celebrations with friends.

This isn’t to say that you need to go full-on bah humbug, though!

I want you to instead see the importance of maybe making a little allowance. In these festive times you might find yourself spending a bit more at the weekend on party treats and presents. 

Instead, I want you to try and set aside the cost of one evening meal out per week, and one bottle of wine per week. Doing this along will definitely free you up for a little cash for a fitness session with myself.

Are you willing to make that little sacrifice?

What would you rather?

A few extra calories now and a lot of Christmas picture guilt? Or a bit less now and to be told time and time again that you look fantastic this festive period?

I know what most of my clients in Clapham are choosing, and I’m more than happy to help you make the latter a cost-effective, cash-worthwhile success too.

With all of those Christmas parties with friends, family and workmates coming up you are going to have your calendar full; I get that. It’s tough, of course, and it’s hard to let people down and say no when you just want to have a good time.

However, I guarantee you that a session with me in Clapham is much more likely to leave you feeling fresher and happier than one extra hangover this year!

So, let’s make sure that your Christmas gifts this year is a size down instead of a size up. With just a little bit of financial belt tightening, you can make a big difference to your Christmas shape and mind-set this year.

Let’s get out there and make the most of that wonderful winter morning air and get you into the best shape you’ve ever been during the festive period; trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

Come and do a training session with me in Clapham today. Let's have a great Christmas 

Amy Knipe